Unique Bathroom Trends from Europe That are Perfect For Your Own Remodeling


Minimalist and Scandinavian bathroom designs from Europe have been dominating renovation styles in the US for a while now. And that’s not a coincidence.

Bathroom renovations upgrade your home’s style and accentuate its functional design. Moreover, it’s one of those remodeling projects that yield great value for your home. New research from Zillow found that a mid-range bathroom remodel can result in a $1.71 increase for every dollar spent on the renovation. Don’t splurge too much though, as overspending can mitigate all the benefits of a bathroom renovation.

Europe has some of the most prestigious fairs for bathroom remodeling, including Ideobain and Unicera, which are influential across the world. So, whether you’re upgrading your entire bathroom or adding a new feature, here are some trends popular in Europe that you should consider:


Natural lighting

Maximizing natural light transforms a bathroom into a relaxing oasis, according to French architect Rubel Dhuna—taking inspiration from French cottages. Using limestone in the flooring reflects the natural light coming in while also making the floor non-slippery and cool. French style bathroom renovations also focus on timeless looks and add-ons like brass sinks that reflect natural light around the room.


Smart bathrooms

German fixture brand Grohe has been leading bathroom innovations for more than a hundred years now. Their showers include the latest in smart tech, allowing users to personalize their shower experience at the touch of a button. Integrating inconspicuous technology into modern fixtures is becoming a hallmark of modern bathrooms in both Germany and around the world. From Bluetooth-enabled showers to automated taps, service companies like ReBath are making headway in helping people integrate emerging technologies into their bathroom. In addition, most of these bathroom innovations popular in Germany are also geared towards conserving water and reducing carbon use in heaters.


Rain showers

Traditional wet areas and shower trays can be upgraded with rain shower fixtures to create a spa-like experience. Grand Designs Magazine highlights that rain showers are ideal for open plan wet room setups and have become very popular in UK bathrooms. While rain showers are easy to use and convenient, they also use a lot of water. This means that when installing an upgrade you should make sure your current water system can handle the extra pressure. British plumbing company HomeServe advise homeowners to get regular check-ups to ensure their pipes, drainage, and heating systems are all in working order to avoid any costly repairs. This is especially true for modern showers, as they will often need to have the plumbing checked if replacing an older model that required less water pressure.


Bold colors and terrazzo

Colors and materials define a bathroom’s style, and Italians know this more than anyone. At the Milan Design Show where Armani debuted their bathroom fixtures, bold colors were favored over plain designs. On trend colors seen at the trade show were champagne, light yellow, and pumpkin red. Muted and dark colors are also popular, especially those that can discretely integrate yellow and orange. In terms of material, terrazzo remains very popular among designers. From decorative accessories to wall surfaces, the marbled natural stones have a fragmented texture perfect for accent pieces.

Remodeling a bathroom is an exciting endeavor, as it melds function and aesthetics more than any other room in the house. That is why we have many ideas here at Free Distillation that will guide you.