Tips on Choosing the Type of Home Lamp for Part of the Entrance, Stairs, and Landing Area

The entrance, stairs and landing areas are minimal areas with decorations. That is because the shape is not too strategic and not too broad. Now the presence of interior lights in these three areas can serve as a sweetener display. You can go to the Flos to see and get the best lights that can be adjusted to the interior design of your home.

Follow the tips below to create the appearance of these areas to be more beautiful.


Use the type of general light that is hung with a full statement design. The design of a pendant lamp with character will provide a WOW factor in all three areas. For those of you who have a house with traditional interior design, you can make a lamp with a lantern shape. Meanwhile, you are happy with the glamorous and luxurious appearance, try using a crystal lamp that is very amazing.


Layering techniques or the use of several light sources in a room can make the room look more alive and not monotonous. So that in addition to using a general lamp, add an accent lamp in the form of a desk lamp. Place the source of lighting at both ends of the table. These lights can make a symmetrical display.


If all three areas have a very limited or narrow area, choose the following interior lighting design:

  • Wall sticky lights
  • Downlights with cover

Both of these designs are very good choices!


For the top of the stair area, use a large pendant lamp that dangles in all directions. The interior lighting design will make a very nice appearance on a modern staircase. Homeowners can also use bright pendant lights positioned just above the stair area. The presence of these lights can create shadows that will add a definition that the ladder is safe and comfortable to use.


Using a pendant lamp with a flush or semi-flush can make the stairs look more stylish even though the ceiling is low in design. Consider choosing an interior lighting design on this one.