Lets in Just the Right Amount of Light

I kept pestering my husband about getting plantation shutters because we simply had to do something about our window situation. We get a lot of light in through those windows and it’s been a real hassle trying to take care of the problem with various other types of window coverings. We’ve gone through different types of shades, curtains, and drapes and none of them held up worth a darn. The sunlight literally discolors the curtains over time and the shades didn’t fare much better. We obviously needed something durable to keep out that darn sunlight.

I heard about plantation shutters and decided to look further into them to see if they would work well for our problem. The research I did online looked great. Plantation shutters are usually made out of wood or some other very durable substance and they can fit windows of any size although people seem to use them for bay windows and such. I thought these shutters would work well and my husband and I took measurements of our windows and reached out for professional help once we figured we could probably afford some very nice shutters. They aren’t cheap, but you save because they last forever.

We contacted a business online who knows all about these types of shutters and they came out to take a look at the situation. It didn’t take them long to decide we are great candidates for the shutters and all we had to do after that was sit down and hash out the type and the color. The company did the rest. They brought them out to the house and put them up and I thought I was ready to sit down and have a mint julep! No more sun problems, they look incredible, and they let in just the right amount of light for the room.