Common Signs You Have Termite Infestation and Require Instant Professional Extermination

The last thing any property owner would like to encounter is a termite infestation as this always means a lot of trouble. It defies logic how such small insects are always much of a headache, but a look to their lifestyle reveals an army which never has a stop button. Primarily, what this means is the sign of these social insects is never to be ignored even for a day as they never take a timeout from their busy schedules. The concerns of termites are always about the prosperity of the colony and will remain super active primarily in the spring and after monsoon seasons.

The risks of termite attacks are not limited to a specific region and are a national disaster across the United States. Annual property damages because of termites run to an excess of five billion which shows the extent to which these small insects can lead to financial losses in expensive repairs. It is, therefore, the mandate of every homeowner to ever be on the lookout for the signs of these pests and always take the right course of action. Top on the list of the visible signs that point to a termite invasion include;

  • Mud tubes. Subterranean termites which are extremely common in Arizona and many other regions always build mud tubes which provide them with safety and moisture as they travel from one spot to the other. The most common areas that you can spot mud tubes are by checking out foundations, walls, and ceilings which are the easiest access routes for termites.
  • Wood damage. This is the most apparent sign as termites are known for their love of wood which they tend to eat from the inside out. If you suddenly notice damage to wood in or around your house, then there is an army of termites that are doing what they know best.
  • Swarmers and lots of discarded wings. Reproductive termites popularly known as swarmers have wings which allow them to fly off and develop new colonies. The presence of a swarm of these insects or lots of discarded wings reveals a problem that must be attended to as fast as possible.
  • Termite noise. If you hear some constant noise coming from the walls or wood surfaces it is not in your head but a signal that you are under attack. Worker termites are not as quiet as most people think and paying close attention always reveals their constant activities. Soldier termites will also send messages to the rest of the colony by shaking their bodies or banging their heads against the wood.
  • Frass. This is common for drywood termites which push away their droppings known as frass out of their tunnels. Any sign of a pile of small pellets that are wood colored with black marks then you have a battle to fight.

Since termites pose so much danger to your property, a foolproof strategy to eliminating these insects is to settle for Responsible Pest Control professional services. Hiring a team of termite extermination experts allows for intensive treatment techniques which will ensure the entire colony is destroyed and the property is safe again.