An Essential Guide on Costs and Designs of Photo Wedding Invitations

Having been successfully engaged, the next thing that comes to mind is how to plan out the wedding invitations. Although that’s just a facet of the long list of things to do during the wedding planning process, invitations play an essential role. Unlike the traditional couples, the modern-day counterparts have lots of options when designing their invitations; ranging from engraved and letterpress invitations to thermography and wedding invites with pictures.

While several online printing services offer a DIY approach to creating the perfect invitation, stands out from the competition with an excellent selection of different invitation designs, colors, size, and affordable costs.

Watch Over the Numbers

According to 2017 statistics, the average expenditure of an American wedding was slightly above $33,000. Therefore, there is great importance in controlling the amount you spend on invitations.

Wedding invitations tend to be a measure of “how deep is your wallet” among couples and their guests. On average, the budget invitation costs about $408, as compared to upscale, luxurious invitations whose prices can go up to $1,000. But that can make you spend beyond your budget.

The good news is that many online printing services create wedding invitations at a low cost. For example, allows its users to select their preferred design and make as many as they wish at a small budget.

A simple print on a 5″ x 7″ invitation card made of standard matte paper would go for less than a dollar. On the other hand, you may choose a gloss cardstock, which will average about $1.60. Many couples dwindle in confusion of what to choose based on the price, but online vendors make the selection simple.

Multiple Custom Options

Wedding invitations with photos have provided a sweet spot for the modern-day couple. Including a romantic picture of you and your fiancé adds a unique transformation to wedding stationery. If you are still puzzled on how to design the images in your invitation, check three options below.

Single-Photo Design. A single photo can bring an elegant taste to a wedding invitation, as long as it is professionally laid designed. A good example is a photo shot during an engagement. You need to find a snap photo that resonates with your personal style and character. If you do not have an engagement photo, you can opt for a custom photography session or a sweet picture hidden in your photo gallery.

Framed Design. This works for those who have a single photo but prefer not to take the entire space in the card. If you have chosen the perfect image, creatively place it one side of the card in a beautifully colored frame. That leaves the card with ample space where you can insert critical details such as date & time, location, dress code, theme, and directions, among others.

Multiple-Picture Design. Whether you want a casual or a black-and-white wedding, provides a wide selection of multiple-photo templates that can perfectly fit the theme and style of the occasion. However, limit yourself to a few photos because too many pictures may contradict each other, changing the message you want to pass out.

Wedding invitations with pictures give an invitation card a stunning and personalized feel. Depending on the theme and your preference, you may decide to put an image of the bride and groom or a beautiful landscape. Remember, your card mirrors the theme of the wedding day.