5 Signs Your Well Pump Needs Service

Home maintenance issues can crop up at any time. One particular problem are has to do with the home’s water supply from the well. Since it is a vital resource for your home, pay attention to these five signs that it’s time to have your well pump serviced.

Absent Water

If there isn’t water coming out of the faucets, there is clearly something wrong. However, even water flows but there are pockets of air along with it, have your water pump checked out. A little air is sometimes normal, but it could indicate a coming pump failure.

Dirty Water

Simultaneously the most obvious and troubling sign is the presence of dirty water coming out of your faucets. This is an issue that needs to be addressed right away by water well El Campo professionals. Be sure to discard that water and never use it for cooking or bathing as it may be contaminated with harmful bacteria.

Loud Noises

If you’ve noticed that the pump is louder when you’re near your well, it isn’t your imagination. A pump that is suddenly noisier could be on the fritz.

Weird Noises

Besides being louder, if you realize the pump is sounding strange it could indicate trouble. Grinding, clunking or otherwise odd sounds warrant a service call as soon as possible.

High Electric Bills

Although a subtler sign that is easy to miss, higher electric bills can sometimes indicate problems with the well pump. It could mean any number of things, but if you’ve also noticed that your well pump seems to be running more than usual, it’s probably working overtime to maintain the water pressure. Having it repaired will save you money and the headache of the inevitable breakdown from a burned-out pump.

Your water supply is literally a life or death issue. Don’t neglect the signs your water pump may be giving you that it needs your attention.