The Benefits of Wooden Plank Floors

By now, you probably know at least something about hardwood flooring. It’s grown quite a bit in popularity over the last several years, and chances are good that you have at least some hardwood floors in your own home. On the other hand, you might not know quite as much about wooden plank floors. Plank floors are similar to most other hardwood floors to the point where you can just think of them as another type of hardwood flooring, but they have some advantages that other hardwood floors might lack.

First of all, wooden plank floors are much more visually appealing than other kinds of flooring. The wide planks really show off the wood’s grain and texture, which can give a home a charming and rustic appearance. They can also make a space look bigger and more open than it actually is, which is always welcome in a smaller home.

Second of all, wood plank flooring is much easier to maintain than carpet or tile floors. They can chip and gouge if you move a chair or some other piece of furniture the wrong way, but they are easy to sweep, and the only bit of heavy maintenance that they really need is to be refinished every few years.

Finally, plank floors are much more affordable than you might think. A finished hardwood floor might be expensive depending on the kind of wood that you use, but other kinds of wood might be more affordable. Speak with a flooring contractor to find out more about the kinds of wood floors that are the most affordable for a homeowner on a budget. Of course, you can always go with vinyl planks that imitate the look of a wooden floor if you’re on a really tight budget. This may seem like cheating if you really want the most out of a hardwood plank floor, but you should be able to find vinyl floors that can look great in any home.