Maintenance Tips for an Oil Water Separator

To remain in good working condition, oil water separators must be maintained regularly to remain in good working condition. If the devices are not properly drained and cleaned often, oils and other debris may cause a clog, making the device useless. It can also result in oil levels in released water to go past the effluent limits allowed.

Most oil water separators North Carolina sit above the ground. This makes it easier to clean since you can access all the parts and components. You can maintain an above-ground unit from ground level, and solid waste can be removed through a large opening at the ground level.

If you are dealing with an oil water separator that is below the ground, you must follow an even stricter maintenance schedule. Since everything is underground, where it is not seen daily, you will likely forget to clean it. Keep reading for some cleaning and maintenance tips for your oil water separator.

Important Cleaning and Maintenance Steps  

After using the device for a month, be sure to inspect and clean the inlet. This is done by turning off the influent of water going to the unit. Open the cover and remove any oil. Dispose of it safely and drain all water from the machine. Measure the remaining solids and write this down. This will provide you with a foundation for future cleaning and maintenance. If necessary, dispose of the solid material properly.

Hire a Professional Service for Help

If you do not have the time or ability to handle the cleaning of your oil water separator on your own, hire a professional service for help with this process. They can handle the ongoing cleaning and maintenance while ensuring you the device is operating properly and efficiently, regardless of how long it has been used.