Commercial Plumbing Problems That Could Impact Your Bottom Line

Whether you’re just starting a new business or you’ve been serving customers for years, there are some plumbing issues that can have a noticeable impact on productivity and the willingness of potential customers to stick around. If your goal is to keep things running smoothly at your place of business while also creating a pleasant environment for employees and customers, it can help to be aware of common commercial plumbing problems, like the ones discussed below, best addressed sooner rather than later.

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Persistent or Unseen Leaks

Sinks and toilets are the most visible sources of leaks that tend to occur in commercial buildings. Letting minor leaks go may seen economical if nobody is inconvenienced and you have many other things on your to-do list. However, doing so can contribute to rust, weaken plumbing parts, and result in higher utility bills. Be just as mindful of unexplained drops in water pressure that could suggest leaking pipes in walls or underground. Left alone, leaks like this could contribute to problems with mold.

Recurring Drain Clogs

Even if commercial drains are only sluggish, a serious problem could exist. If your building doesn’t have a shared waste system, for example, recurring clogs or frequently slow drains could suggest pump issues. Sometimes, the issue is nothing more than clogged grease traps. But other times, there may be a serious septic problem that needs taken care of ASAP.

Hot Water Problems

Commercial hot water use tends to be more demanding and specific than what’s normally required with residential use. With some business operations involving hot water, certain temperatures also need to be maintained. Commercial hot water systems, in general, are more complex than what’s common in homes, making it less likely that a few small adjustments will solve a persistent problem. With other situations, simply adjusting or replacing a thermostat may improve the efficiency of some commercial processes that rely on hot water.

Foul Sewer Odors

There’s nothing like a sudden sewer-related stench to quickly affect your business environment. Off-putting smells like this are usually pipe-related. Unpleasant scents can also be affected by dry pipes below floor drains. The only way to stifle odor issues for good is to call on a commercial plumper as soon as the problem becomes noticeable.

Granted, there’s no guarantee the commercial plumbing St Charles IL businesses rely on for daily operations and customer use won’t require some immediate attention now and then. But being proactive about spotting possible issues early can reduce the odds of being distracted by plumbing woes at the worst possible time.