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Termites are eusocial insects that like to live in humid and warm climate areas. They feast on wood and can cause serious damages if they severely infest a home. It is estimated that termites’ invasions on homes cause damages worth $5 billion every year. Licensed pest professionals can assess a home and find out the degree of infestation and damages accrued.

To prevent the devastating impact of termite invasions, the below signs can help you identify termite existence early. Remember, you should a reliable professional in pest control in St. Charles.

Groves in Walls and Furniture

Termites love wood, they burrow and form holes or grooves. If you hit the infested wood with a hard object like a stick or a harmer, a dull or hollow sound will be produced. To know if the infestation is active, listen closely and you will hear a rattling or rustling sounds. The more they stay active, the more they do burrowing and total damages of the wood is going to occur.

Mud-Made Tunnels

These tunnels connect their nest to the burrowing points. Tunnels provide a pathway from nests to the point of infestation and also protect the termites from predators like birds. …

The last thing any property owner would like to encounter is a termite infestation as this always means a lot of trouble. It defies logic how such small insects are always much of a headache, but a look to their lifestyle reveals an army which never has a stop button. Primarily, what this means is the sign of these social insects is never to be ignored even for a day as they never take a timeout from their busy schedules. The concerns of termites are always about the prosperity of the colony and will remain super active primarily in the spring and after monsoon seasons.

The risks of termite attacks are not limited to a specific region and are a national disaster across the United States. Annual property damages because of termites run to an excess of five billion which shows the extent to which these small insects can lead to financial losses in expensive repairs. It is, therefore, the mandate of every homeowner to ever be on the lookout for the signs of these pests and always take the right course of action. Top on the list of the visible signs that point to a termite invasion include;

  • Mud

By now, you probably know at least something about hardwood flooring. It’s grown quite a bit in popularity over the last several years, and chances are good that you have at least some hardwood floors in your own home. On the other hand, you might not know quite as much about wooden plank floors. Plank floors are similar to most other hardwood floors to the point where you can just think of them as another type of hardwood flooring, but they have some advantages that other hardwood floors might lack.

First of all, wooden plank floors are much more visually appealing than other kinds of flooring. The wide planks really show off the wood’s grain and texture, which can give a home a charming and rustic appearance. They can also make a space look bigger and more open than it actually is, which is always welcome in a smaller home.

Second of all, wood plank flooring is much easier to maintain than carpet or tile floors. They can chip and gouge if you move a chair or some other piece of furniture the wrong way, but they are easy to sweep, and the only bit of heavy maintenance that they …

If you are a contractor, you likely already know that high-pressure spray foam has been the material of choice for years. This needs to be applied at a psi of more than 1,000 in order to get just the right layer of insulation. It needs to be monolithic. However, there is another alternative today to be found in the form of a low-pressure foam. This is beginning to be used more and more in commercial building projects due to its ability to be applied at a psi of only 200. Because of this, contractors are able to use portable equipment to complete the insulation in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be required.

How Spray Foam Can Be Used

Spray foam is effective because it is applied to the exterior of a structure. This helps it to achieve an energy efficiency that is really unparalleled. With spray foam insulation Maryland, you will find that the cavities that show up in exterior walls will be permanently covered. This provides a continuous layer of insulation that would otherwise be lacking. Because this process is so effective, most of the climate regions located throughout the United States have a requirement …

While it is important to take care of your backyard throughout the whole year, as the spring approaches it becomes even more crucial. After all, as the days get to be longer and warmer, most people start to spend more and more time outside of their home. If you have your own backyard, you will probably start to spend more time in it as the spring gets going, and you may even want to host parties or other gatherings in your backyard. Here are a few tips to help you to make the most of your backyard this spring.

First, think about adding some big infrastructure to make sure that your backyard is as good as it can be. If you have excellent lighting, for example, you can use your backyard longer into the night and maybe even host outdoor parties in the evening. Consider landscape lighting Kansas city from a reputable provider like Rensen House of Lights to help you come up with ideas that could work in your own space. Similarly, if you don’t have a good deck or a patio for people to stand on, now is the time to get that done.

Next, think about the …

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