7 New Ways To Store Your Wine Glasses

You’re not alone if finding space for wine glass storage in your home is a challenge. Even though I live in the Midwest and have a whole house, I still had to make a semi-permanent wine storage system for my collection of vintage coupes and vibrant goblets. I went vertical with staggered shelves that I cut and painted before levelling on heavy-duty gold brackets in my dining room because I didn’t have even an inch of kitchen cabinet space to spare. Luckily, there is a simpler approach. There are four simpler methods, and none require a saw or paint.

Store them upright

Put the wine glasses upright to avoid compromising the rim. Put as little pressure as you can on the delicate crystal because the rim is the most brittle component of the glass. Make sure not to knock any other glasses as you carefully place the glass on the shelf of the cabinet or cupboard. Additionally, this prevents moisture from building up within, such as residual laundry water.

Cabinet Space

You will soon run out of cabinet space if your collection of wine glasses (red wine, white wine, champagne flutes, coupes!) keeps expanding. Stemware may be kept in the best condition by being hung upside down. That decreases the likelihood that the glasses will be knocked off a shelf and shatter into thousands of small pieces, preventing dust and debris from gathering inside the glasses.

Make Use of Boxes

If you reside in an area prone to earthquakes, fasten your cabinet to the wall. Generally, a cabinet is your best bet for long-term storage of your stemware. Make sure the cabinet has doors with latches so the glasses won’t fall out and that it is fixed or bolted to the wall if it isn’t already. If you buy glasses in large quantities, keep them in boxes until there is adequate room in the cabinets.

Slide out racks

Include a slide-out rack to keep the glasses steady and upright. As an additional measure of safety against earthquakes, this solution works brilliantly. Prior to buying the drawer-style sliding rack from a home improvement store, be sure to choose and measure a place within your cabinet for it. To make it blend in well, use a material that complements the cabinet you already have.

All about Glassware

Are you also a sucker for exquisite glassware? If so, think about keeping it on a straightforward shelf in a noticeable place. While keeping your wine glasses, coupes, and goblets within reach, simple shelves set on the wall above your home bar make it simple to rotate in other items like cookbooks, decanters, and plants. Play around with the wall space you have to incorporate your glassware into your decor if you’re okay with this kind of open storage. If you don’t have enough space for a single large wall-mounted shelf, organising your stemware storage with a series of staggered floating shelves is a flexible and simple solution.