5 Ways You Can Best Use Your Garden

Living in the 21st century means living in cramped-up spaces, ridiculously expensive apartments, and little to no outdoor spaces.

You are lucky to be reading this article because it means you have space in your home and you do want to grow a garden.

Today we shall take a deep dive into some of my ideas and ways you can best use your garden.

1.  Plant flowers

There is nothing as beautiful as having a garden full of beautiful flowers.

Having flowers gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and water them.

Some of the flower ideas you can plant in your garden are; blanket flowers, Veronica, Russian sage, black-eyed Susan, daylily, hosta, and many more.

The reason I have flowers as my number one gardening idea is that I find growing flowers therapeutic.

Flowers bring nature into our homes by attracting natural pollinators like bees and beautiful butterflies.

They are a symbol of happiness. Watching a flower grow is a representation of hope and growth in life.

2.  Plant vegetables and plants

We must admit that the cost of living healthy in the United States is increasing at an alarming rate.

It has led to many people eating unhealthy fast food. Wouldn’t it be so much better if you could squeeze in a few vegetables in your home garden?

There is a need to live more sustainably so that we can save our environment. There are a lot of industries that emit greenhouse gases to produce processed food that we consume in our homes.

It is a much safer and healthier option to grow and eat from our garden rather than relying on processed foods.

Apart from growing vegetables, you can opt to grow a plant that does not necessarily have to be consumed.

The greatest benefit of growing plants in your home is that it helps clean the air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen which is a better alternative.

Some of the plants you can plant in your garden include; peas, chilies, tomatoes, coriander, carrots, and spinach.

Having plants also means knowing the different ways to maintain and nature them. Plants need regular watering (depending on the type of plant), enough fertilizer or good soil, mulching, weeding, and some plants may need shade.

3.  Practice sectional and successional planting

Sectional Planting means planting in sections. Turn on successive planting use when you plant multiple crops in the same area throughout the season.

For example, if you plant carrots in a particular spot the next time when you want to plant something different, say Chilies, you will plant it in the same spot you planted carrots.

The benefit of sectional planting is that you get a more organized garden. If you want to plant a variety of vegetables in your garden, section the garden into different parts and then have the vegetables planted in the desired section.

On the other hand, successive planting benefits the crops by optimizing the yield and quality of the harvested vegetables.

4.  Create a relaxing/meditation corner

A garden is where we interact with nature. There is no better place to meditate than in the yard; fish pond, vegetables, flowers, and plants, what more would you want to interact with nature?

Creating a small corner where you can meditate and relax with a few chairs and tables or a swing set or hammock can help you for a good gardening experience.

You may have a small dining area outdoors to enjoy a relaxing meal as you watch your plants grow.

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5.  Install a water feature

Water is a vital aspect of all gardens because plants need water to survive.

You can have a water feature installed in your garden so that you can use the water to irrigate your plants.

You can create a small fish pond or a simple garden pond, and erect a small fountain to boost the outlook of your garden.

There are tons of ideas on how you can beautify your garden.


Having gone through some of the ways we can sustainably use our garden if you still have extra outdoor space in your home there are tons of ideas to maximize that space.

You may make your yard more playful by constructing a pool, swing sets, and other fun ideas.