Shutters Make My Foyer Even Better

My favorite part of my house is the foyer. I know that might sound odd, considering very little time is spent there. It is just that I have always wanted a grand foyer, and I finally have one at the age of 50. I worked hard my entire life for this, and I wanted it exactly how I have always envisioned. Getting the chandelier was easy enough because I knew exactly which one I wanted. Getting window shutters for the windows that were nearly three stories tall was a different matter altogether though.

Actually, if I would have done my proper research, it would have been very easy. from the start. I would have found Orange County Shutters much earlier. I say that would have been easier because when I did finally go to them, they had all of the answers that I needed. I thought because the windows were so huge, that I needed to have a private contractor help me with what I wanted. The truth of the matter is, Orange County Shutters is just like having a private contractor, only better. They design and build each shutter themselves, which is why they are better.

This is the only thing they do, and they are experts at it. They know which woods to use, which hardware, and which machines and tools to give it the perfect finished look. They provide everything that is needed from start to finish. They were able to measure exactly what was needed, then they showed me my options. What is really great is that I was even able to get mechanized shutters. With a push of a button, I am able to have the look that I want in my foyer. It was already my favorite part of the house, but it is even more so now that I have my shutters in.