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A Look At Three Hearing Aid Apps That Are Helping People.

According to the data that was released by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, it is estimated that one in every eight Americans have reported loss of hearing on either one or both eyes.

We can now easily monitor our medical and emotional health status by using new technology.

It doesn’t matter whether you have worn the hearing aid before or if this is your first when you use these apps, you will be guaranteed to achieve the highest level of hearing comfort and safety. Here is a list of some of the best hearing aid apps that are available.


Before you rush into Hearplex to conduct your research, it is better if you experimented on yourself to determine the level of your hearing.

Within five minutes of using uHear app, you will be able to identify where the actual problem lies. The following three ways can be used to carry out this test;

Hearing sensitivity- used to determine the range of hearing.
Speech in noise- helpful to know the speech in noisy place.
Questionnaire- used to identify hearing in usual situations.

Although this test cannot be considered to be a replacement of the audiologist test, it is a great starting point. The test can also be helpful to determine any potential dangers that you might be facing.


This application gives you an opportunity of turning your smartphone into a revolutionary alert device. You can convert any environmental sound into any notification by using Sound Alert. These alerts can be used to monitor almost everything like smoke alarms and a knock on your door.

You will get an opportunity of choosing either a flashing light or vibration notification. Other technologies, such as the company’s microphone or the Pebble watch can be used with this application.

The application costs $69 but given the comfort and the features it offers, it is a bargain for people with busy schedules.


This application has been considered as the best telehealth communication for the audiologists and their patients.

Audiologists have used this app to check the progress of the patients and monitor their hearing. They also use it to adjust the hearing in case it is needed and can send and receive texts.

The encryption of the app lets you keep your personal information safe and secure. The application has been made easy to use due to availability of tutorials and learning modules.

With this technology, patients can schedule appointments and follow-ups with their doctors.

Even if you have a hearing aid, if you combine it with any of these apps, your hearing problems will be minimal.

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