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Dr. Gerard Jellig: Impacts of Leadership Education for Educators

It is essential to have a leadership program for the school or the education sector to better equip students, teachers, and the management of what needs to be done to achieve short-term and long-term education goals. In various organizations and communities, teachers act as representatives, and so leadership education is important to assume key responsibilities. In general, leadership education is a helpful medium to have better teachers who are leaders in their own way, so they are not just bounded within the classroom, but are also effective to act as representatives in different organizations and communities. Leadership training and development can help in the empowerment of the leadership skills of students, teachers, librarians, coaches, special education teachers, principals, school administrators, extracurricular supervisors, parents, and the school as well as the entire community.

With leadership training and development, teachers are more productive and effective, they are better negotiators and mediators, and they are able to set higher standards for a more successful service. With leadership training, teachers are more satisfied, inspired, and motivated because of the new leadership skills and knowledge received. Teachers learn to communicate better and manage their time well. …

Posted ByNadya Category Miscellaneous Date

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