Best Dry Herb Vaporizer That Can Handle E-Liquids Too

One of the big problems with the vaporizer market right now, in my opinion, is that there is very little choice when it comes to triple threat vapes. Whether it’s just more difficult to design, or if there’s less profit to be made, vapes are just rarely made to handle e-liquids, dry herb, and concentrates. I’ve seen lots of my friends end up getting two different vapes because they thought it was better to just get one portable dry herb vape exclusively for their weed, and another one for e-liquids or concentrates. This does make sense if you can afford it, but for some people that could really break the bank. If you’re trying to medicate yourself with THC and CBD e-liquids as well, or just quit smoking cigarettes, then here’s the best dry herb vaporizer hybrid vape pen I’ve ever seen.

The V2 Pro Series 3X

    Look this handy dandy device up on any vape critic website and you’ll soon see it rarely rates below an 8/10, and it often receives a 9/10 average. These guys went with a very modular approach and delivered an elegant and discreet vape pen which gives you freedom over your vaping experience like no other vape. On top of that, it’s got just about the best dry herb vaporizer technology you can get in such a small format, so they didn’t sacrifice anything in that department in order to do it. The Series 3X dry herb pen comes with 3 interchangeable atomizers, each suited for either dry herb, concentrates, or e-liquids. There are multiple settings of varied voltage and airflow which allows you to tailor the vaping experience for any of these substances exactly how you like it. Sadly, there’s no space on a vape pen like this for a display screen to get a precise temperature, but a bit of experimentation will help you find your preferences. The battery level is indicated by an LED ring at the bottom of the pen. It’s certainly not the best dry herb vaporizer if you’re only looking to vape dry herb, but no other vape I’ve seen yet gives you so much freedom in such a simple way. Plus, it’s super discreet and easy to convince people that you’re just vaping a nicotine e-liquid if you live in an area that isn’t particularly pro-cannabis.