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The Many Merits of Hemp

Hemp plant is a commercialized Cannabis Sativa crop grown in various parts of the earth mainly for industrial use. It is a plant that could be polished to get products like animal feeds, Paint and even biofuel. Hemp is an important plant because of its merits that are enjoyed by both animals and plant. The Hemp plant will benefit you in the following ways.

it helps fight global warming. Through large-scale growth of the hemp plant the level of carbon di oxide in the atmosphere will mitigate. This is because of the large amounts of carbon di oxide that the plant consumes for survival. The plant manages to maintain a stable and clean environment after some time as it consumes more carbon gas giving the earth oxygen. the plant thus proves itself a very efficient technique of reducing global warming on earth.
It provides green energy and products. The plant is known to provide earth with clean products with no element of pollution to the surrounding. Normally paper from normal trees undergo a lot of chemicals to become the finished product thus propagating pollution. Hemp can give paper with minimal chemical involvement thereby protecting the environment from pollution. It also produces massive biomass than most plants which is a clean source of energy with no effects on the environment.

Hemp is used as cure for many diseases and infections. It is known widely that hemp plant has an insanely strong medicinal value. Its ingredients are instrumental in treating fatal diseases like leukemia and cancer like most physicians are saying. In some other states the products of the plant are prescribed by specialist to the sick to assist with the healing. This therapeutic attribute makes it to be classified among the most important herbs on earth.

It makes the soil fertile. The plant is unique as it gives back to the soil as it grows. the giving rate of carbon dioxide of Hemp plant is bigger compared to other plants that exhaust the soil. aeration becomes easier on the soil with growth of Hemp plant thereby paving way for proper growth of the next plants to be planted on that soil. It could thus be the best crop for crop rotation when attempting to make your land fertile again.

it can be used in the extraction of cooking oil. extracting oil from the plant is cheaper than most oil extraction means. the oil that hemp provides is very nutritious benefitting both man and livestock at the same time. In comparison to seeds like soya beans and corn, it is cheap to get oil from hemp plant.

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